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In the series NEW 105 Multiboiler, the latest technology of La San Marco has been applied. The Multiboiler technology allows to obtain a precise temperature control for each boiler of each individual group. The temperature is set in a simple and intuitive way operating on the keyboard of the single group. The boiler for steam and hot water has an electronic automatic temperature setting, easily adjustable from the touch screen keyboard. The innovative keyboard with touch screen technology is enhanced with a graphic RGB display. The setup and program consultation are easy and intuitive, moreover the display provides a range of information of great utility to the operator. The illumination of the working place with customizable multicolor LED makes the machine even more ergonomic with a look to the aesthetics.

The New 105 SM, version with a standard height as for all other La San Marco ranges, has a useful height of 7 cm (2.7 inches).
The NEW 105 IM is the intermediate version suitable for those who need to use cups to a useful height of 9 cm (3.5 Inches).
The NEW 105 HM is the high version, particularly suitable for those who need to use high cups for an height of 17 cm (6.7 inches). In the tall version New 105 HM, the retractable trays allow the use of the machine even for traditional Italian espresso coffee cups.

Technical features NEW 105 MULTIBOILER
• Version 2 groups - Dimensions (New 105 SM: W.790 x D.535 x H.515); (New 105 IM: W.790 x D.535 x H.535) (New 105 HM: W.790 x D.535 x H.610)
• Version 3 groups - Dimensions (New 105 SM: W.1030 X D.535 X H.515); (New 105 IM: W.1030 X D.535 X H.535) (New 105 HM: W.1030 X D.535 X H.610)
• Electronic autofill
• Keyboard with touch screen technology with built-in RGB graphic display
• 4 programmable doses per group with semiautomatic function key  
• Dose water with programmable function key semiautomatic
• water temperature mixer adjustment
• 2 steam wand manual dispensers
• boiler temperature gauge for each group and steam boiler temperature gauge always visible on keyboards and display
• Electronic automatic temperature control for each brewing unit (+/- 1) using slider touch
• Electronic automatic temperature control for the steam boiler (+/- 1) using touch display
• Internal motor-pump 275 W (external on request)
• stainless steel Single group boiler: 0,45 liters capacity - 1250 W Resistance
• stainless steel steam boiler 2 group machine: 10 liters capacity - 2800 W Resistance
• stainless steel steam boiler 3 group machine: 12 liters capacity - 3500 W Resistance
• Lighting of the work plan with multicolored LED technology (1 million color combinations)
• Electric cup warmer (optional)
• Automatic steam wand (optional)
• Metalized colors: anthracite, grey, red, blue
• Optional colors: matt black and glossy white
• Fingerprint proof stainless steel panels

Display features New 105 MULTIBOILER
• customizable Screen with time and date or with name
• temperature steam boiler visualization
• temperature boiler visualization for each group
• brewing bar indicator and time counter (in seconds) for each selected dose
• Quantity setting in cm3 (ml) for each coffee dose
• Quantity setting in cm3 (ml) of water per dose  
• Boiler temperature control for each group
• Adjustable temperature steam boiler
• Date and Time adjustment
• Automatic on and off control
• color setting of the working surface
• display color setting (white, blue, green, red, yellow, cyan, magenta)
• Indication of total number of coffees brewed by the machine
• Indication of total number of coffees brewed for every group
• Indication of total number of coffees brewed for every selection
• Option of activating the pre-infusion for every single group
• multi-language programming ​​(Italian, English, French, German, Spanish)
• Water softener filter resin regeneration warnin

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SKU sanmarco-105
Brand La San Marco
The Dipacci

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