Barista Courses

Whether you are just starting out as a barista or wanting to perfect your latte art; We can teach you the skills you need to succeed. We have spent years perfecting our barista training courses to ensure that every crucial element is covered and you will leave with all the vital information needed to be a successful barista. Our barista trainers will ensure that your experience is not only educational but also enjoyable because part of being a good barista is having fun and loving what you do!

Learn the skills you need to succeed!
The history of coffee and a review of all the different types of beans
The operation of a coffee machine
Techniques and making different types of coffee
Latte Art (Optional)
Basic equipment maintenance
Workplace health and safety
Starting from just $149.00
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Our barista classes run on Tuesdays starting at 10AM. Classes usually have up to 5 people in them and go for 3 hours. The cost to attend the barista class is $149.00 per person. If you would prefer to do a one on one session; This can also be arranged but for a time of your choice. One on one barista training costs $299.00 per person.

To make a booking, call us 02 9758 0760 or email us at: