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The Little Guy premium tampers stand proudly with other high quality tampers, hence the development of the 58.3 mm barista tamper for use with VST baskets. (the 58.3 also suits most larger style traditional baskets 18g or greater)

The key considerations during development were the weight of the tamper (440grams) and the balance of the weight being biased to the base.

The tactility of the silicon handle and the notably sharp radius at the edge of the tamper's flat base combine to optimise comfort and generate the best possible espresso shots. The sharper edge increases the surface contact area and optimises the density of coffee at the wall of the basket.

As with the Little Guy Espresso Maker, every aspect of the tamper has been carefully considered and diligently executed in production.

The 58.3mm tamper is not designed to fit the Little Guy's Group Handle.

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Brand The Little Guy
The Dipacci

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