MODA Sparkling Water System

The MODA Sparkling Water System was born in Italy out of a desire to mirror the taste and quality of the highest end bottled water.

Italian by design, local by definition, the MODA on-tap solution provides an outstanding opportunity to streamline your business, improve your bottomline, make an environmental statement and ignite the joy of taste.

MODA won through a rigorous procurement process to be selected by NOMA for their residency in Sydney, joining other top restaurants & bars, hotels like Hilton and Raffles Singapore, and firms like Google and Visa.

“One of the smartest initiatives I’ve seen in the past 10 years of wining and dining.” – Terry Durack, Food Critic

“The perfect fit for our relaunched Foodhalls that focus on all things fresh, seasonal and local.” – Blake Head, David Jones

The most advanced systems on the market, top rated for energy efficiency, presented under the best brand in the space – complemented by our great range of taps and attentive local service.

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