Quality Assurance

Our business foundation is our product and to succeed we apply the strictest of quality assurance processes to ensure that all of our beans are of maximum quality resulting in blends with only the best flavour and aroma.

Coffee Bean Prospecting

One of the main requirements for great tasting coffee is the quality of the bean itself. Di Pacci has a dedicated coffee expert constantly scoping the world in search of only the finest coffee beans to use in our blends.

Quality Control

Once we have selected the beans and imported them, we execute stringent quality checks to ensure the beans are of the best quality. We utilize specialized equipment to ensure that each batch passes our strict criteria of aroma and flavour qualities. Once they have passed the selection criteria, we double cleanse and screen the batch. After the beans have been cleansed, we begin roasting them to perfection. Once roasted, we process the beans into coffee and test the end product for colour, flavour, strength and aroma. From there, we decide whether the batch is suitable for release.

Roasting Perfection

Having won six medals in five years, we can confidently say we roast our beans to perfection. Employing a dedicated roasting team, we constantly output the finest coffee with absolutely no errors within the roasting process. Our lead roaster constantly supervises the roasting process from beginning to end


The process of blending is taken with utmost passion and diligence. Slight variations in blend can make all the difference. Our constant testing ensures that blending is always executed to perfection, we never cease perfecting our blends.

Packaging and Storing

Packaging is critical in ensuring coffee retains its original and fresh characteristics. It takes little time for oxygen to begin affecting the quality of coffee, which is why we employ the best possible methods of packaging and storing. Upon finalizing the coffee beans, we immediately pack the beans into a completely air-tight bag. We leave no time to waste in between this process, as every second counts. This ensures that Di Pacci coffee maintains an absolutely fresh taste, as if you were brewing it straight after roasting.